About Us

Lima Mbeu means 'to cultivate seeds' across various African languages. It reminds us that growth in wealth and capital does not happen overnight but requires a long-term focus combined with a risk-conscious mindset.

Founded in 2017 by three portfolio managers, Lima Mbeu is a unique investment manager that is driven by both insightful research and innovation.

We believe that advances in technology continuously reshape the traditional processes of investing. Our mission is to deliver superior investment performance for our clients by applying an advanced investment approach that generates original insights. Rigorously tested models support the portfolio managers at Lima Mbeu. These models improve the quality of our investment decisions and ensure that we can successfully navigate highly uncertain economic landscapes.

We offer investors, including pension funds and individuals, the management of investment portfolios across Equity and Multi-Asset strategies. Our Equity capability consists of long-only strategies that invest in companies listed in South Africa. Our Multi-Asset capabilities include strategies that seek to deliver consistent investment returns by investing across the universe in both developed and emerging markets.

We are a majority black-owned investment manager. Employees own 50% of the business, which improves the alignment with our clients’ objectives. African Rainbow Capital, a black-owned investment holding company that owns various stakes across the African financial services industry, owns the remaining 50% of Lima Mbeu Investment Managers.